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The oil and gas industry is a system-forming part of the Russian economy well-being of the country, but an oil and gas complex  – is one of the most important components of the fuel and energy base of Russia.The increase in the export potential of Russian technologies and equipment is enormous opportunities for development.

The potential of the Arctic region of Russia is huge, including land-based reserves with their integration into the land infrastructure.However, there are problems that hinder the development of the industry.

The equipment used in industry is partially obsolete does not meet technical safety requirements. Its use does not give the right product quality in addition, it makes its use inefficient, expensive in repair and maintenance, which is which increased the cost. Modernization of the technical component of the oil and gas complex is necessary

The use of the next generation of equipment and the innovative solutions applied will make it possible reduce the cost of hydrocarbon extraction and reduce energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution and improve the efficiency of recycling processes.

The mission of the company

Implementation of projects with the introduction of high-efficiency equipment in the form of technologically  finished solutions. As well as supply of equipment in block version, which used in the construction, reconstruction or modernization of production facilities.

High-qualified specialists of AMT Engineering have extensive experience of production and design of complex high-tech equipment. The experience of the employees of AMT Engineering LLC, with their competence and high level of professionalism provide the ability to solve design tasks perform multivariant projects of any complexity.